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CVS Access

About CVS

CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is a tool used by us to manage changes within our source code tree. Information about accessing to CVS repository may be found in "Concurrent Versions System v1.11.20 manual" ( russian translation is also available ). You also can find CVS tools in your distro or

Anonymous CVS Access

Anonymous CVS access through CVS protocol:

cvs -d

Anonymous CVS browse through ViewVC:

Developer CVS Access

CVSROOT at is located in /srv/cvs/cvsroot. You may access to CVS repository via SSH only using your curl's account login/password. For access via SSH type in your bash shell:

export CVS_RSH=ssh

or use something like:

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d command


You should apply the cvs tag before every release of your project in the following format.

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