atmos 3.0

The most up-to-date information related to atmos 3.0 are collected here due to constantly increasing interest to MASS/DIMM processing software...

Obtaining the software

atmos 3.0 is still beta, so the latest version is 2.97.11 (there is also 2.98.x branch which absorbs new features)

The source code is located here:

Check also our RPM-repositories (and maybe you'll find there ready RPM packages):

SubVersion repo: svn://

Please remember that you are free to do everything you want with the source code under GNU GPLv3 conditions.

Building the software

You need the following pre requirements (check that appropriate -devel packages are installed in your system before compilation):

Then try

If anything isn't ok, please feel free to ask questions and report problems.

Tips and tricks

How to concatenate MASS and DIMM files for join processing
( grep ^[dP#] 090925-dimm.stm; cat 090925-mass.stm ) | sort -k2,3 -s > 090925-massdimm.stm
How to process
Feed mass.stm (that was produced by the new turbina software) into atmos and read its output: ./atmos < 090925-mass.stm > 090925-mass.out
How to process the data which are produced by turbina 2.x?
You need this script to convert your .stm and .mass files into the new format. It can work as a pipe-filter, so you don't need to store additional files for reprocessing.
Where are patched rescripts?
They are here: remass.tar.gz

Output format

It is described here

'M' line:
Field N.DescriptionUnits
1mode name marker (Normal,Background mode,Flux)N/A
2airmass value (in case of Normal mode)unitless
'A' line:
Field N.DescriptionUnits
1,2free seeing and its relative errorarcsec
3,4dimm seeing and its relative error (if dimm data are present, zeros otherwise)arcsec
5,6zero moment and its relative errorm2/3
7,8dimm turbulence power and its relative error (if dimm data are present, zeros otherwise)m2/3
9,10effective altitude and its relative error103 m
11,12empty fields (always 0.0 0.0)N/A
13,14isoplanatic angle and its relative errorarcsec
15,16second moment and its relative errorm7/3
17,18time constant and its relative error (computed using DESI technique)10-3 s
19,20time constant and its relative error (computed using weight functions in short exposition regime)10-3 s
'I' line
Field N.DesctiptionUnits
2*K+1mean K-th index (K=0,1,...,9) (A,B,C,D,AB,AC,AD,BC,BD,CD)unitless
2*K+2its relative standard deviationunitless
'F' line
Field N.DesctiptionUnits
2*K+1mean K-th flux (K=0,1,2,3) (A,B,C,D)counts * ms-1, ms = 10-3s
2*K+2its relative standard deviationunitless
'T' line
Field N.DesctiptionUnits
1type of restoration. it is only 'X' for 2.97N/A
2number of nodes of the grid of altitudes (GridSize)unitless
3value of averaged norm of residualunitless
4seeing (computed using turbulence profile)arcsec
5+3*Kaltitude K-th layer (K=0,...,(GridSize-1))103 m
5+3*K+1turbulence power at K-th layerm-1/3
5+3*K+2its absolute errorm-1/3

Additional node of grid at altitude of 0 km. is added when dimm data are used.

'R' line
Field N.DesctiptionUnits
K+1residual of K-th index (K=0,1,...,9)unitless

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